Spirit Science

What defines me as me? What separates me from you when we are all one?

Why did humans evolve?

A billion years ago the universe was a countless amount of sub atomic particles, exploring and attempting to bond together into a masterpiece of being. Bursting from a singularity of nothing and everything all at once. We grew. Hydrogen combined with oxygen and cells combined with sunlight. The eye evolved into the window of our souls. And we walk on of a ball of dirt encrusted iron that we have named Earth.  Welcome home.

The question of life on another planet really disturbs me simply because I do believe we are not alone. Maybe  there’s something along the lines of an octopus in a nitrogen ocean. Or tiny bacteria creating pyramids on Mars. So what scares me to no end and what I deeply believe, maybe very ignorantly, is that we may be the first sentient beings.

The first to be able to use introspection, make music, and hang art in our homes just because it’s pretty and creates an ambiance. (people are fucking cute, I swear.) It frightens me because Human Beings are a romantic species and I think that’s spectacular. Forever grateful to be apart of it. I want us to be forever remembered and not forgotten in the vast expansion of the Universe.

I mean we sent a vinyl full of what makes us human, on Voyager I and II, glittered with music and the word ‘hello’ spoken in every language and a woman’s first words to her child into SPACE. Eerily soaring past stars and planets into interstellar SPACE!. Forever repping Mozart into the vacuum of god damned SPACE.

If that isn’t sentimental and romantic and just a little bit lonely, I might not know what it means to be human myself.

So expanding on my peculiar way of thinking let me say that I believe consciousness has been around longer than any universe ever created. That Consciousness is the Void. Consciousness is The Big Bang and will be The Big Crunch. That we have been playing within this giant heartbeat for eternities upon eternities. We are all one.

Have you guys heard of the wild phenomenon that when a particle is observed it is altered? Now I want to know how that coincides with Consciousness. When the first bacteria arose did the particles of the Universe just shift into a solid instead of waves?

Are particles already conscious observing themselves as The Big Bang blasted the fabric of space-time?

Are humans the Universe observing themselves romantically?

Are we the actual embodiment of introspection?

Okay, so obviously I don’t have a degree in physics, but this is what keeps me up at night! My spirit understands that consciousness is All, but my logical self wants to know how and I firmly believe that Quantum Mechanics is the way to proving we are all one.

Can I just have lunch with Neil deGrasse Tyson?





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