Holding Space

So this morning NASA sent a new rocket into my favorite thing ever, outer freaking space. On top of this rocket we know as Atlas V is a brand spanking new satellite spy on a secret mission for the American Government. I can’t make this shit up. Even though we all thought that Trump was cutting funding to NASA because he didn’t understand it, but I guess if we can spy on the Mexicans it’s all free game.

Our beautiful new rocket left Earths crust this morning at 3:28 a.m. from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base down in Florida. If you did not know that Atlas V is the third rocket launch this week alone solely in America. California shot a couple satellites into orbit this earlier this week as well as one that took of from the Kennedy Space Center.

Remember folks! The sky got brighter with more artificial stars! Actually with the lights that come off of satellites I’m pretty sure our sky just got dimmer. Whatever, regardless, I wish this mission good luck! Collect a lot of data!

Now most of the information behind all of these satellites purposes are classified, which is kind of sketchy, but you’ll be glad to hear that they were all successful. And its a marvel how far we’ve come from sending into dogs space and the Russian Space Race all the way to Cassini stalking my favorite planet.

Cassini’s stunning photo of Saturn’s Ring (all natural, baby!) taken Sep 7, 2017

Remember guys, being interested in space and science is fucking awesome! It needs to be mainstreamed! If we cultivated Mars would you live there?


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