Anarchy Of The Soul

What is Anarchy of The Soul?

It is aimed to be so much more than just phrase. It is a movement for free thinkers and a generation who craves a new way of being. Millennials are the brainiest generation to date with constant access to the worlds’ knowledge at our fingertips. We are highly narcissistic and detached from a reality that no longer suites our needs or wants as a rising tier in humanity. It is a wonder we are misunderstood.

The word millennial is thrown around so often, through the mud, dirt, praise, and awe that people forget we are a gateway for a new way of being. Constantly joking about the corruption within our government, global warming, racist cops, and SpongeBob references that only we understand. We are an isolated generation that has turned closed door conversation into internet phenomenon.

We all have a distrust, dislike, disdain approach to college, yet we are highly aware that knowledge is important. We are willing to spend thousands of dollars and unlimited years of debt to succeed in an economy that we all hate. We are determined motherfuckers. We just want to feed our minds and live simple lives as human beings. We are truly no different from the Baby Boomers that despise us except for the outstanding fact that we know our world is falling apart around us. We have no veil, its fucking 2017 and we spend a lot of time on the internet.

This movement is my blog where is will schpeel my opinions and ideas on this mass revolution of consciousness that is upon us. That is us.

As a young girl I was very adamant on the idea of a revolution. With a fire in my belly I knew I was a fighter and a thinker.

Some experience later I now see that the revolution has already started. But instead of a militia and guns, it is one with the internet, self-enlightenment, and tolerance. One with love unseen and acceptance of one another. Where the betterment of mankind is what we sow instead of personal gain. Peace within society.

So, as I refuse college because knowledge is free. I adore minimalism because material is excess and energy draining. It widens the void instead of filling. The commercials take up space in your neurons and silence your own creativity. Constant noise and overwhelming numbers, how are our brains not pudge? And as I stand I can’t change my reality beyond personal perceptions. An understanding of what humans could be doesn’t change what we are. Knowing healthcare is a right doesn’t change that its hella expensive. Knowing that pricing a man’s only life at $7.25 an hour is horribly sadistic it doesn’t change that I still must work. But I won’t go silently into that dark night.



This is my anarchy of the soul.


4 thoughts on “Anarchy Of The Soul

    1. I think it can be both if you’re aware. It’ll push you to follow your passions and succeed, but it can also turn you into a self idolizing loser if you aren’t careful haha what I mean by new way of being is a world where we are eco conscious, culture concious and accepting of that, a world where knowledge has lifted the veil of corruption. Like there is no room for lies anymore or waste or even wars. We have the technology to evolve into greater things.


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