Fuck Hatred

You mustn’t always believe what I say. Questions tempt you to tell lies, particularly when there is no answer.”– Pablo Picasso

IN this day and age of massive technological egos, it is time we take our own responsibility with our educations. We Are the Company That We Keep takes a whole new role as a millennial. Our social media feeds, and admit it that’s where you get most of your current events, I know, me too, are carefully nurtured to our own tastes. It is the literal reason for social media. So, please, take that in to context as you scroll, eating these stories and ‘facts’ on how liberals are snowflakes or that republicans are psychopaths.

Remember to just take a deep breath and remember..

Remember when we were kids and didn’t care?

People are people, we are sheltered, and we are cultivated by our families. Look within your own childhood, deeply, ruminate on the things that influenced your mindset as an adult, or a young adult, or even a grown ass man. These influences are deep within you. They resonate within in times of struggle and success. They are based around your family, your tribe, your teacher’s outlooks, your religions. So take that snowball of information, grow old with it, and love it, go forth and read books that solidify your predetermined ideologies and then step back. Yes, step back! And realize how many people you have not met. In all the people that you’ve met who have similar childhoods as yours realize the infinite amount of friends, lovers, strangers that lived before you, currently with you, and long after your gone who have had sparingly different upbringings. Remember this as walk this world.

Now yes, views do reflect an attitude that resonates within you, so yeah it is important to consider this while inviting people into your personal life and your energy, but remember at one point you were ignorant to ideas too. Politics were never meant to rip people about, to stunt the gathering of information, to become defensive. They were simply meant to organize differences so that we could come together peacefully and coincide. Find that medium, the compromise, the peace.

I guess the point of this outburst of a blog post is that, time goes on, we get older, we get stuck, and as human beings it is natural to stay with our people. Our likeminded friends and our more radical family members. To delete those opposing viewpoints off social media and completely surround ourselves by those who agree. And as satisfying and safe that is and also completely oh so fucking natural just remember not to patronize the ones who oppose. Take time to do research, have empathy, and walk a day in their shoes. Take a deep breath, one gooey sentimental human being to another, and take the opportunity to learn and share your life. Why these more humanitarian views (I say that because if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re humanitarian or looking into what that could mean for you.) may be more suited for, say a conservative, or maybe even a blinded by the system works THIS way democrat. Or just generally the world of the human species and other the other life on this one blue dot we call home.

Take the time to release people from the trap of a two party system. Teach people to do their own fact checks. Anarchy for the soul is about your growth and most oh so most importantly the growth of the world. So as we hold hands with our brothers and sisters, let’s walk together into a necessary future. Let’s educate each other. Let’s fucking love each other! Let’s come together on change, realize it isn’t me against you, you against me. That our problems are much more than us and a voting ballad. That arguing about abortion with online strangers won’t stop capitalism or racism. That it starts with a change of heart and a change of being.


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