Dazed and Confused

“Happiness only real when shared.” – Alexander McCandless

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on my poor blog here. To those who follow me, thank ya, just had to say that real quick. You are appreciated. I know there is no rhyme or reason to my outbursts of words here on the interweb so I just wanted to show my appreciation to those who have stuck around and give you a little up date on my life.

I wish I could say that this blog had a tightrope of fluent topics that I solely wrote about and kept it to that. Are you looking for self help? This is the one for you! A crazed woman writing frantically about climate change? Oh boy, do I have a blog for you! But since all of this is true and my blog is a broad spectrum of what my mind is picking apart and musing on this week, I’m going to at least try to write once a week and publish posts on Thursday. (fingers crossed)

I’m still working towards van-life that much has not changed and will not. A part of the reason I’ve decided to dust off my blog and re-pursue my internet presence is because it’s a way to connect to people doing the same as me or people thinking about this lifestyle. An exchange of ideas along the way! Who doesn’t love that? (help me I have no idea what I’m doing) Ha! It’s a way to track my own emotions and thought processes along the way. And of course, the little career driven voice within, it could turn into a mobile way of income, if I’m being entirely honest. How fucking great would that be?

If I could really live in a van down by the river that cuts the Grand Canyon and write my inner thoughts, vlogs, and do photography?! I’d be living my best fucking life! So yeah, that’s what I’m working toward. But do people actually do that? Is that even a real endeavor or just a weird Instagram illusion? Someone riddle me that.

Back on topic with le van life (le best life) is that\ and I do believe the last time I spoke on this matter I was intending to pursue this alone but how things  have changed! In the last year I have moved in with my best friend. My nilla bean who is very esoteric enlightened woman, free thinker, and adventure driven. So obviously a good fit, right? Together we’ve decided that van life is beneficial to us both. She plans to festival hop and pursue a career in circus arts, flow, and dancing. While I? Will continue to write.

Life is very very short y’all. Life is short and death is infinitely longer. Death doesn’t end (unless you believe in reincarnation, but still this consciousness that you’re nurturing for hopefully 90 years plus will end.) Pursue your best life. Fuck everyone else’s opinion. Shed the shell of societal norms and be yourself! Where ever that takes you! Surround yourselves with strangers, successful misfits, and eccentric freaks. They will help you grow. My shitty advice for the day. Stop being you, so you can break through and be YOU.

If everyone one put their best foot forward and just tried to be their most authentic self. Truest being and really appreciated the time we have on this sickly planet.. Mentalities will change. Again, we the people have the power. LIVE YOUR BEST FUCKING LIFE.


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